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Total Solar Distributed Generation in the Middle East 

As a responsible major energy player in renewable energy, Total Solar Distributed Generation is collaborating with regional governments and businesses to create a sustainable future in the Middle East. As part of our corporate strategic vision to address climate change, we are pragmatically and sustainably diversifying our energy mix in order to meet the world's energy needs while reducing emissions in line with the 2°C scenario.

We also raise energy-efficiency through operational excellence and extensive familiarity with global legal and institutional frameworks to meet quality and safety guidelines across our projects. With extensive experience in solar, we create holistic solutions to encompass the entire photovoltaic value chain.

Diversify your energy mix. Reduce your environmental footprint. Choose Total Solar Distributed Generation.

Harnessing the energy of the future 

Check out our brochure and learn more about Total Solar Distributed Generation’s role in the region as an integrated leader in Solar Power.



Turnkey solar solutions 

Total Solar Distributed Generation offers tailored services and turnkey solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors, small-scale industries as well as the education sector. We offer complete support with long-term warranties for rooftop, ground-mounted and Carport solar installations.